Some songs from the Varda Canon

I’ve been writing songs for shows, events, presents – and of course, just because someone said something in a bar, or on a corner, or even to me.  
Or because the world is a bit crazy.

Songs come from fragments of melodies, from emotion, from disbelief, and from a desire to share.  
Songs are snippets of existence for the writer, the singer, the character, the recipient – and each listener changes the meaning to meet their mind and soul.
Here’s just a few…

I’m a Bee – from “The Small, Small Time”   

a woman knows that she’s a bee…from a musical set in Los Angeles downtown 1917…


because she said “Champagne…I only drink champagne”.  You gotta ask why…

Shopping Therapy – from “Nine Dresses”

we all know that buying cures everything, right?  from the award winning “Nine Dresses”

Got Someplace to Go

when you’re kicked out, don’t let it stress…